For those of you who still have another week off, I am envious of you. For the rest of us starting the new semester try to stay organized. The key to having a great semester is keeping up with the work and staying organized. Make sure you have a calendar with monthly and weekly/ daily sections to make sure you don’t miss a single thing. No matter how little or how much you have to do write it down because eventually you will forget something and it may be something important.

I am now about to begin the fifth week of the second semester and I have to say I already have so much to do.  Having a big planner along with a smaller planner that I can take with me anywhere is something that has come in really handy as I can keep track of all the things that I have no matter where I go. The really important thing is to stay on top of your studying and homework assignments. Do not procrastinate even though it is so easy to, you will thank yourself later if you just go ahead and do your work.