Recently there has been a surge for crafting and making everything “prettier”. We now have all types of planners and life planners on top of that, along with those we have stickers and tapes. All this dedicated to making something that used to be a black boring book with information to something that people enjoy looking at and sharing with others.

fullsizerenderI have always loved pretty things, who doesn’t? Except as a college student I don’t have as much time or money as some of the people who have whole youtube channels dedicated to it. I bought an $8.00 Blue Sky planner from Big Lots, and got my self some sticker packs from Hobby Lobby and what my mom had lying around the house. [Note: Buy all these things at back to school sales! Everything is on sale, I promise :).]

At first I was kind of skeptical because I had no clue what I was suppose to do or how i would find the time for decorating my planner. Finding the time wasn’t hard, as you just decorate a little here and a little there, you don’t have to go hog wild at first. I started decorated my planner at first with just highlighting things to make it more organized. The planner I got doesn’t start until 2017 so the daily slots that I would normally have I exchanged with post it notes. Simple enough and to me I think it makes my planner look busy and important, even though it’s just homework assignments.

After finding the time to just sit down and focus on I have added stickers. This was honestly so relaxing and fun being able to create something of my oFullSizeRender-1.jpgwn and personalize it. As you can see in this picture I put stickers of motivation and just happy reminders just to helps me through some tough times. For instance the sticker before all the highlighted is to help remind me that I can get through finals week.

This is just what I personally have found fun and relaxing and you can see  from the pictures that it doesn’t have to be anything especially spectacular. So try it out, let me know what you think. Remember be creative and follow what you want to do don’t try to copy someone or even mine. However you decide to do yours is perfect always!